Ivy Calhoun Custom Tattoos
Autism Mommy TattooCarol's celtic charm owlsilhouetted Little Mermaid & palsAlyssa's larkspurPanda on NancyUnrelated tattoos: Sept/Oct 2016Carrie's happy animals Eeyore cover-up; Child abuse prevention tattooUnrelated tattoos: August 2016Sketchy horse on JackieDelicate black and gray featherNever Broken on ribsBull with lotusUnrelated tattoos from early summer of 2016Unrelated tattoos from early summer of 2016Lily linework from July 2016Lauren's Jurassic Park fossilJoey A's Disc World/The Great A'Tuin/Terry Pratchett, cover-up of stomach wordsCarol's Day of the Dead ladyBig Bird, Ashtray & SkateboardSimpsons reference tattoo on RyanFloral kitty cover-up of origami craneAnberlin/Lowborn tattoo; fingers crossedCover-up: slaying a red tribal dragon!Skull bursting with butterfliesTiger with hidden guitar and ninja starSteve & his sons as birds, with their ski mountainThe results of Halloween flash day!Abstractly Decorative BullMemorial lilyUnrelated tattoos: creepy couple; wander compass, baby duck!Unrelated tattoos of 2015memorial, mother's signature braceletdot work bracelet and charmDeer skullWishy memoriallittle astronautTraditional Lucky HorseshoeHamsaUnrelated collage of tattoos from 2015Mandala RichieUS Navy: Search & RescueLet Them Hate...Bear logo (In-process) Royal skull w/ flowersYodaChild's DrawingRe-do background of tattoo by someone elseZombieunrelated recent adventuresRe-doing a Yellow Rose TattooYin Yang: One LifeDorothy Zbornak/Bea Arthur Simpsons Reference unrelated recent adventuresunrelated recent adventuresOld Timey Ruffian in Decorative FrameRefurbishing Old Fish Tattoo & Adding a GirlfriendHeaddressKurt CobainWatercolor Splash BearRefurbishing & Adding to Old Rose TattooCover-up using Bowser KoopaWatercolor WavePhilly ShamrockMouse Staring at Moon & GalaxyJesusSheep KnittingBiomech Legunrelated recent adventuresIn Memory of Reggie the PitbullMother & Son TattooLeprechanunrelated recent adventuresunrelated recent adventuresLinusPineapple Skullrose foot cover-upunrelated recent adventuresKelsey's treecovering scars from a car accidentCovering an emergency c-section scarMara Jade Skywalker Pieces with Betta fishChickadee and Pin-upHot Stuff devil and female devilFLCL tattooHarley QuinnDerek's mountain scene (an add-on to the compass, which I didn't do)Tetris heartSee no evil, hear no evil, speak no evilMikey Dubs' tattooPerry+Boglin=Perglinimagination quotegrandmother's name on her spineshe loved a boy very, very muchmusical featherdouble infinity symbolkissFun n LoveLed Zeppelin runesPhillies P with skylineFlyers skylineKarl's cover upAngel with childRosenurse symbolcloverRed roses and filigreeJustin's rib piece, microphone grenadegeishacover-up with pugPortal shutter logoblack sugar skullCover up old gypsy with British flagNikki's rib piece piggy with wingsSugar skull Floody's sharkcompasscover up of pink catGetting Italy to look centeredcover up butterflydifferent adventuresCover-up with Grit and GraceHakuna Matatathigh bows and female CritterBeefsquatchCover-upelephant outlinegiraffe heartPhoenix on Felixgentleman brontosauruscover-up on Michelleskateboard heartre-doing an old Fighting Irish tattooInitials covered by an abstract rose
My name is Ivy Calhoun and I have been working at Davidian Tattoo Studio since August 2009. I was hired to apprentice under Brian Donovan, the shop's owner and award-winning, world-reknowned tattoo artist. It was a superb stroke of luck that I met Brian and I'm honored to have been given the chance to learn from him and the incredible work he does. In addition, I got to benefit from watching the works of art my other co-workers were creating on people. In 2013 we were fortunate enough to add Karly Cleary to our team. She is a very talented tattoo artist who has been working in the industry for quite a while now, doing beautiful work. In 2015 we got to hire Lecks Rodriguez. He is an incredible talent, and an absolute joy to work with!

In regards to what I do, I am able to be a versatile tattoo artist due to both my extensive apprenticeship at Davidian and my background as a professional artist. Before tattooing I worked as an illustrator, a caricature artist, a graphic designer and an animator, after earning a BFA in Animation from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA.

Some people ask me what my specialty is, when it comes to styles in which to tattoo, and the answer is that I'm inspired by all sorts of tattoo ideas, so I find there's no need to concentrate on any one thing. I'm very excited to be doing what I'm doing, and I'm grateful that I get to work alongside Brian, Karly & Lecks at Davidian Tattoo Studio.

Ivy Calhoun
Davidian Tattoo Studio
13. E Montgomery Ave
Hatboro, PA 19040
Tues-Sat 12 to 8pm

My Instagram: ivylovespugs